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Update for Parents- Reopening

Dear Parents, 


The last two days have been incredibly busy, with significant announcements and communications being made by the Education Unions, Cumbria's Director of Public Health, Cumbria County Council and the Department for Education. 


Throughout this pandemic, I have always aimed to keep you informed, to be honest and to make decisions in the best interests of our children, staff and community. The last update from the County Council came after 7pm tonight and provoked further questions. To that end, I regret to inform you that I am not in a position to make a definitive decision on the reopening of school tonight. 


Whichever decision we take, we will be at odds with either the UK Government, or the Director of Public Health and Education Unions. To do justice to that, I need time to consider all the implications and the best approach to take for the good of our school and community. By delaying the decision until tomorrow, I am able to consult with governors, the staff, our health and safety consultants and the local authority. 


As you know, term is due to start on Tuesday morning and I know this email will be frustrating, as many of you just want to know what to expect on Tuesday. I am truly sorry for that. I will write to you at the earliest opportunity tomorrow. 


Best Wishes, 


Craig Dewar-Willox