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Public Sector Equality Duty

Updated January 2024

All members of the school staff and governing body are passionate about promoting equality inline with the public sector equality duty (PSED). We want all children to have the write conditions and opportunities to be happy and succeed. 


What is the Public Sector Equality Duty?

The single Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) came into effect in April 2011 as a result of the Equality Act 2010. It requires public bodies to promote equality and replaced three pre-existing duties relating to disability, race and gender equality.

The PSED applies to all maintained and independent schools, including academies, and maintained and non-maintained special schools.


Protected Characteristics:

The Department for Education (DfE) has published non-statutory advice that sets out schools' obligations under the PSED.

Paragraph 5.1 explains that the PSED extends to the following protected characteristics:

  • Race, disability, sex, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment 


The Public Sector Equality Duty covers three areas: 

1) Eliminating Discrimination

2) Advancing Equality of Opportunity

3) Fostering Good Relations


Specific Responsibilities for the School

Schools are required to update this published information at least annually and to publish objectives at least once every four years. These can be found in our Equality Policy in the policies section of our website. 


What is school doing to eliminate discrimination, advance equality and foster good relations across all characteristics? 

  • We believe that knowledge builds understanding, that understanding builds tolerance and tolerance builds respect. As such, our approach is educate children about difference through our PHSE Curriculum, Assemblies, News Assemblies and our wider curriculum. Children visit many different places through our Educational Visits curriculum, and benefit from listening to a variety of visitors. We believe this plays a key part in eliminating discrimination, advancing equality and fostering good relations.
  • We have a clear values, that focus on respect, which we expect all our staff and children to embrace. We embrace and champion British Values. 
  • Our policies set out clear messages that discrimination of any sort isn't tolerated, and this is embedded within our practice. 
  • Our equality objectives focus on removing barriers for children, to advance equality.
  • The School Governing Body has members trained in safer recruitment, who champion fair recruitment and promotion of job opportunities. We have a designated equality governor who monitors our progress with our equality objectives and champions equality through all our work. 



Mr Dewar-Willox is the staff lead on equality. Susan Turner is the Governor with responsibility for this important area.