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Our Curriculum Implementation

As well as developing an ambitious curriculum for all children, we've carefully considered how we can support pupils to encounter new material, to learn more and remember more. 


Our staff engage in continuous CPD to ensure that they have good subject knowledge which enhances learning and supports them to teach effectively. 


We have created a culture which focusses on continuous improvement, so as staff we work together to quality assure our work and share good practice and areas for development. 


We've designed a teaching and learning strategy based on Rosenshine's principles to allow us to present subject matter clearly and in a way that supports children with remembering content for the long term and connect learning across the curriculum. 


As a team, we use adaptive teaching practices to support all learners to achieve. The teaching and learning strategy promotes the presentation of information in small chunks, with regular repetition. Pupils who need additionally help receive support with additional resources, technology, teaching assistant and teacher support. 

Our teaching and learning strategy: