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Subject Leader: Miss Coward


Here at Holme Community School we consider Geography to be a rich and diverse subject that gives children the opportunity to learn about a range of places, people, resources and environments. It inspires a curiosity and fascination about the world from an early age, which we hope will remain with each child for the rest of their lives.


Throughout the Geography curriculum, children will learn the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Developing the children’s geography skills and knowledge, allows them to interact more effectively with both their local and wider communities. They are provided with opportunities to research, compare and contrast their surroundings with other places both locally as well as globally. We understand that it has never been more important for children to have a comprehensive global understanding and the people and cultures that inhabit it. Through this understanding, children will develop respect for the physical world and the vast scope of cultures that make up our diverse planet.


How was our curriculum developed? 

We live in an area which is rich and diverse in physical landforms, from mountains, rivers, coast and countryside. We are close to small settlements and large cities. Our geography curriculum has been designed, based on the national curriculum, to expose children to their local area whilst broadening their horizons of the world in which we live. 


You can find out about the geography national curriculum here.