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Our Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent:

A Holme Community School education prepares our children for life in a rapidly changing World, both during their time at school and in preparation for life beyond it. Our commitment to individual happiness and our shared values of respect, responsibility, independence, integrity, cooperation and determination run as a golden-thread through our curriculum. Pupils are supported to discover and develop their talents, to thrive and to become the best they can be.


Our curriculum is broad and ambitious for all. It gives all pupils the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of our World and helps them to understand their place in it. We place great importance on learning about other cultures and traditions, music, art, literature and current affairs. Pupils develop a natural curiosity and enquiry skills through science, designing and creating in Design Technology as well as developing their own health and fitness in physical education.


Our carefully planned curriculum is carefully sequenced over time, re-visiting key concepts to ensure children develop the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding in each curriculum area. Children are encouraged to make connections across their learning and teachers regularly undertake high-quality training to support them to deliver an ambitious curriculum and to develop expertise.  The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of SEND pupils who may need a more tailored approach and a heavy focus is placed on developing vocabulary which is often a barrier to achievement for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Our enrichment activities form a vital part of our school’s offer. There are vast opportunities for children to participate in a wide-range of extra-curricular activities (including, sport, music, art and outdoor education). Educational visits also enhance the experiences of our children.


From the Early Years Foundation Stage, our curriculum encourages children to learn in a hands-on way, developing curiosity and connecting with the natural environment. Pupils learn about climate change and sustainability and the contributions they can make to the planet.


In key stage 1, emphasis is placed on children developing a secure grasp of reading, writing and mathematics whilst developing children’s knowledge and skills across the foundation subjects.


Our key stage 2 curriculum is broad and varied, with children learning about local, national and international historic and geographical events. Children learn about the influence of key people and develop an understanding of life beyond Britain. Children learn French and develop their cultural awareness alongside their linguistic abilities.


PSHE, incorporating RSHE, is central to our commitment to educating the whole child and all children take part in designated PHSE activities each week in addition to curriculum content and assemblies which are thought provoking and encourage reflection.

Our rich curriculum prepares children for their next steps in education whilst developing the values and attributes that will support them for life.