The deadline for applications for September 2024 Reception places is 15th January. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a tour of our school!

Inclusion and SEN

Ensuring that every child gets the best education possible, means that we work hard to support and address individual learning needs. More information about how we do this can be found in our SEN and Inclusion Policy, in the policies section of the website. 


Equally, feel free to chat to: 

Mrs Jessica Earl -  Our SENCo (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator)

*Mr Dewar-Willox is covering the SENCO role whilst Mrs Earl is on Maternity Leave.  

Mrs Burton - Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant, who manages interventions across the school. 

Able, Gifted and Talented: 

All our children shine in their own way and some children demonstrate exceptional abilities in a specific area. Maybe it's in English or mathematics, or maybe in activities outside of school like football or dance. As a school we keep a record of those activities and look at different ways to stretch and challenge those children. In curriculum subjects, we ensure that the children can apply their skills to problem solving and that they are set work which truly challenges them.


Pupils with English as an additional language: 

Currently, only 3% of children in school have English as a second or additional language. Teachers and teaching assistants support these children by ensuring that our learning environment is rich in language, and that we reinforce the meaning of key vocabulary across the curriculum. Emphasis is given to oral rehearsal and speaking and listening skills ensuring that children can communicate effectively and also write in standard English.