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Art & Design

Subject Leader: Mrs Juliet Walling


We aim to teach art in a fun and creative way. We foster the qualities of creativity, imagination and sensitivity through design and making. It provides the opportunity to express themselves imaginatively and develop the understanding of and respond to the world around them. Art teaching is embed in other subjects as well as taught discreetly. There is discussion of art by other artists to ensure promotion of diversity.


How was our curriculum developed? 

Our art curriculum is based on the national curriculum for art. We used the KAPOW scheme of work as a basis for our scheme, but adapted the sequence to incorporate local artists and to link to other areas of the curriculum to add context to the art work. We ensure full curriculum coverage across four key areas: 

1) Drawing

2) Painting and mixed media

3) Sculpture and 3D 

4) Craft and Design 


You can find out about the art national curriculum here. 

Curriculum Overview