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January Opening of Schools

Dear Parents, Staff and Governors, 


I hope you and your families have had a good Christmas. 


I am sorry to bother you during the Christmas break, but wanted to reach out regarding some developments today. 


You may have seen in the press that Cumbria will move to Tier 4 tonight and that the Secretary of State for Education has just made a statement to the House of Commons on school reopening. At this stage, I expect that our school will open as normal on Tuesday 5th December to all pupils. However, throughout this pandemic I have learnt to wait for a day or two after a government announcement to see the detail before making any plans. 


Schools are due to receive information later today and I will review this in conjunction with our Health & Safety Consultants to see if any changes need to be made to our operational plans and risk assessments. I will communicate any changes with you as soon as possible, and will provide an update on Sunday 3rd January. 


As ever, we will continue to do everything we can to keep our children, staff and community safe. 


For now, enjoy the remaining days of the holiday. 


Best Wishes, 


Craig Dewar-Willox