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A New Sports Court

We want to create a new sports court, with excellent drainage which provides a great facility for sports coaching all year round.


Our current sports court floods with the slightest bit of rain, making it unusable for PE lessons and at breaktimes. Post-covid, we want to ensure that our children have access to amazing outdoor spaces which allow us to deliver first class PE teaching and provide more opportunities for sports and fitness. 

We are raising funds to improve the drainage on the school sports court, and to resurface it with a specialist tufted grand play surface - making it the perfect place to develop a range of sports all year round. We want our children to grow up with a love of sports, and to develop their skills on first class facilities and with first class equipment. 

We have already raised £8000 and are working with grant funders to try to identify further funding to help us reach our £15,217.50 total. 


You can contribute to this worthy cause here: