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The Holme Experience

In 2016 we introduced a list of things that we feel, we want all children at Holme Community School to experience during their time with us. These are the things that we feel make our curriculum special and exciting. If you have any suggestions for the list then please contact a member of the school team. 


·         Take part in Outdoor and Adventurous Activity

·         Go for a walk up a hill or mountain

·         Visit different places of worship

·         Cook simple meals

·         Tie shoelaces

·         Sew

·         Take part in a musical performance

·         Take part in a drama performance

·         Take part in a competitive sport

·         Gain a first aid certificate

·         Tell the time

·         Handle money at a shop

·         Go and pick and chop down a Christmas Tree

·         Go to the theatre

·         Visit a City

·         Visit a Museum

·         Go to an act of Remembrance

·         Complete an Enterprise Project

·         Visit a beach

·         Meet with people in the local community.

·         Make a film.

·         Raise money for charity.

·         Visit a museum

·         Learn to swim

·         Visit a farm or zoo

·         Go on a train

·         Take part in an overnight experience.