School reopens for all children on 2nd September.

Reading and Phonics


We teach reading in Early Years and Key Stage 1 through a rigorous daily programme of systematic, synthetic phonics using letters and sounds.


Children are taught in groups which reflect the phonics phase that they are currently work on. The children enjoy upbeat, lively and practical sessions which are full of games, songs and interesting activities that enhance their reading and spelling skills and their love of reading.


The Reading Scheme: 

We do not stick to using one company for our reading books, instead we have created a diverse range of texts from different schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Floppy Phonics, Songbirds, Rigby Star and many others. Reading is assessed through PM Benchmarking.


Throughout the school children will come into contact with high-quality texts across the curriculum from a range of authors. We also promote a balanced reading diet of poetry, fiction and non-fiction genres.


Book Club:

From Reception to Year 6, children also enjoy a daily guided reading session ‘Book Club’ at the start of the day which enables teachers to target individual and specific needs.


Home Reading:

We encourage children in EYFS and Key Stage 1 to share a book/read with an adult every night (with this being recorded in their reading diary).


In Key Stage 2, children develop into more confident and independent readers and therefore we expect them to read every night but appreciate that this may not always be with an adult. We therefore ask that adults engage in ‘book talk’ with their children, finding out about the things they have read, the characters, the storyline and their opinions. This should also be recorded in their reading diary.


The School Library: 

Our well-resourced library is open to the children at all times, we trust them to borrow books and bring them back to school. We also encourage parents to come into the library too, at the beginning and the end of the day, to share books with your child. 


Above all else, we want to promote a love of reading. Through competitions like ‘Extreme Reading’, 'Reading Champions' and through events like World Book Day, and author and poet visits.