We're in the top 1% of schools in England, for achievement in reading.

School Values

Our Vision:

We are proud that Holme Community School is a place where everybody feels welcome where; all our children feel safe and happy so that they can enjoy learning and achieve their full potential. We aim to give our children the best possible start to their educational journey by developing their independence, curiosity, imagination and desire to learn. We promote common values of respect and have well-mannered children who will be the citizens of tomorrow.


Our Aims:

1. To create a happy, safe and caring environment where everyone is nurtured and feels valued to become confident and motivated in all aspects of school life.


2. To inspire the love of learning in a stimulating environment to encourage children to become independent learners, in order to develop a passion for life-long learning.


3. To ensure all children experience high quality and purposeful learning within a quality curriculum to enable all children to achieve their potential.


4. To further develop children’s traditional values of courtesy, discipline and respect to build a highly cohesive learning community. Shared sense of respect and responsibility for all the children to belong to Holme School.


5. To have opportunities for each child to be active and healthy.


6. To continue to develop Holme Community School at the heart of Holme which relates to and respects the immediate environment, the wider community and the world through being a Community School, Eco School and Healthy School.


Our Mission Statement:

Holme is committed to inspire children’s learning in a safe, nurturing environment to create happy, confident, aspirational people for the future.

Holme is committed to:




Developing our children’s future